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Writer, Author, Scribbler, Doodler?

Join our team of co-writers to write, create + release your own signature lookbook to be published on our Ego Academy App & to the world!

Meet Penelope....your quirky & tenacious cowriting life coach

Oh how I LOVE words! I have a love affair with them, in any language. I like to talk, I LOVE to write AND I know I am in GREAT company.

I speak English and Thai, plus some French too. As a 17yo I lived in Thailand as an exchange student and ended up starting a small English class at the school I was enrolled in. This kept my thirst for language and learning alive. I studied French at high school , about 5 years, which was enough to be understood in France during my backpacker traveller days. 

I backpacked around the world for 2 years, eventually settling in South Africa for almost a decade. Visiting as many non english speaking countries as I could. From my freedom days of running the bulls in Spain and drinking my share of sangria (delicious!), to driving among the continuous European beauties of France and Switzerland, to hitch hiking through the length of Italy to the Greek Isles, to exploring the vast history of Turkey and what was Yugoslavia, aswell as heading into Hungary and Holland. I did this journey twice over during the 2 years, basing myself in London for work (and play!). I spoke, saw and learned much through spoken word, sign language, facial expressions, laughter and smiles.

I was very big into journaling. I penned every moment possible. I promise you ..... like..... Every. Single. Moment. (some I cannot share with you though, you understand right? hehe!). I think I need to burn all diaries!

Fast forward, here we are now, at the Ego Academy, sharing and still loving words.  You will learn more about who we are and believe me, you will also learn a whole heap about who YOU are too. So, please don’t be shy to hop aboard and discover your unbound identity which could very well be more than you ever expected it to be! (let's do this, all in!) 

Love, Penelope x

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"You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it."

Octavia E. Butler

The REAL TIME Benefits of Writing.

Why is writing good for you? There are so many reasons why writing is important, here are some of the key factors that help to explain exactly why writing is good for you and why you might want to consider joining us, even just for the fun and connection.

Develops thought processes

Writing helps to improve analytical or problem-solving skills. Regular writing will help you to become quicker at constructing sentences, conveying opinions and exploring tone of voice. These are all very transferable skills for the workplace.

Gain blogging experience

If you want to get into blogging, writing on out Co-writers corner is a good place to start! It gives you the opportunity to practice different styles of writing and find a writing method or technique that suits you.

  Good for

your health

We know that life can be a very stressful time for students, with endless trials and work, but writing down thoughts and feelings can be a good way to relieve this stress, relaxing the brain by clearing the mind and creating a similar outcome to mediation.



The more you write, the more you will learn. It has been proven that writing information down helps to reinforce the knowledge in your brain and you're more likely to remember this information for longer! Depending on the topic you are writing about, we have listed our topics to be written and collaborate with you below.



Writing introduces you to new words and encourages you to utilise different language styles. You will discover a more diverse range of vocabulary in order to deliver your messages clearly. This takes some organisation and planning but will inspire you to find sophisticated words to emphasise key points made.



This is one of the key benefits of writing by hand; focusing on writing takes time away from modern technology (the screen of your phone or TV which are said to have a negative effect on concentration) and instead clears your thoughts and directs your attention, allowing you to make better decisions.



Rationalising your thoughts enables you to become more productive in other ways. Writing activates neurons in your brain which subsequently helps you to complete other tasks. Similarly, if you write down your goals, you are far more likely to achieve them.



It is well known that our imagination tends to weaken with age, and so creative writing can be very empowering. Practicing being observational and inventive with ideas not only improves your descriptive skills, but can also have positive health benefits, boosting feelings of happiness and fulfilment.



Another advantage of writing is that it can improve communication skills which will facilitate improvements in confidence and self-esteem. Writing can make it easier for you to communicate complex viewpoints more effectively, practice persuasive skills and grow your 'voice'.

  • When you write with us we guide your development pathway ... imagine all of this!

    Expansion or introduction of your own creatvity is what we aim for and love you to experience whilst inside our unique cowriters corner. Imagine what you could find once you begin .... your creative highway of expression, an explosion of word wizardry and an international gateway of engagement through a talent you knew you had or was just waiting around the corner to happen!

    Your very own Ego Academy Signature LookBook published inside our app and shared around Ego Academy circles could be the life changing difference someone else in the world is waiting for. YOU have opportunity not only to develop as a person yourself but to also help us create diverse and much needed change in our ever pivoting, extremely fast yet still culturally rich world.

    We will guide you to shine. We will encourage you to seek. Be fascinated by the gifts you share to the world. Discover your unbound identity through creative experiential writing in our Co-Writers Corner. 

    You can write a lookbook of your own, or team up with another cowriter. Share the experience, take 250 words each, research and buddy up in tandem unity. 

    You are the next cowriter talent waiting to be discovered, you know that right?


    *Your own digital Discovery Doodler Notebook.

    *An instant family of other people giving it a go just like you.

    *Opportunity to write something with your name on it.

    *Write at your own pace or take the ''cowriters deadline challenge''

    *Take advantage of the zero expert pre-requisite rules (no prior experience required)

    *Entry to our Secret app space ... Ssshhhh! for CoWriters [only]

    *Creativity & writing exploration support, we are here to encourage your writers flight! (that is, to see how high you can fly, to the moon and back maybe!)

    *Author & publish a signature LookBook

    *International app & Ego Academy sites recognition

    *CoWriter spotlight (a huge shoutout, regularly!)

    *Opportunity for CoWriters Corner leadership roles 

    Lookbook titles begin here ....