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Q&A for Live Course: Dating & Relationships 50+

Hello, I'm Penelope Hall, Founder of Ego Academy & Switchlife App.

When people meet me, they see a happy person, it feels good to be where I am in life now and I can unequivically share that I am my one true Bestie!

A while ago though, this happy person was very lost.  

I broke down. It was awful. I threw myself into a hibernative work like cave because this was the best way to numb the pain. Yes, it was awful and not only was I losing me, I also distanced myself from my friendship circles, because they didn't understand the mental gymnastics I had going on. I didn't want the status quo, I didn't want that normal life for me. My normal anyway. I wanted more and that ONE bestie to ''get me''.  Where was she?

Fast forward, life was kind of speeding past me and I was missing out, well that's what my mind was telling me and bottom line, I WAS missing out. Then put menopause in the mix, teenagers, and a love life that wasn't fulfilling, it all looked and felt rather bland.

My truth? Life was boring as all get out!

I'm an energetic person who is mum to two gorgeous teen girls, whom I have raised on my own financially, emotionally, spiritually. They are very well balanced young women, and I can proudly say, I am too.  

See more of me inside my course and especially discover the real you by joining our programmes! See you inside!

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