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What is EgoHQ exactly?

We are a group of thirsty people getting together to work on quenching that thirst. A kind of ''brains trust'' of individuals who have strong feelings toward their need to get up and go places! Connecting some of those missing dots.

At EgoHQ meetings you will will learn, discover and unveil alot.

Choose freely to work on yourself from a personal growth and performance level, network with other members, or begin putting blocks in place for each direction of your life . We have an extensive online 24/7 project library available on tap. Or BYO a project you are working on from work, home or your business. 

Think of EgoHQ as a workbee station kind of space to help with personal growth and getting things done in your life now.

You have opportunity to look at different methods for stress, time management, procrastination, goal setting and maybe even feelings of failure. These l'íl treasures all stop by from time to time, so let's get you stronger at balancing them.

We also talk strategies for builidng protective coats of life armour to take with you everywhere, without feeling any kind of ill feeling, shame or resentment.

No matter the life circumstance as to why you would join us, we do understand, so if it needs to come out, to be built again, or looked at for the very first time, we will help you with the construction. We are here for your life, career & business.

A rather unique space to be in with a trained, non judgemental and empathetic Life Coach who, {just quietly}, can also assist with business building given she's built hers up from the ground up too. 

Many of us thirst for a good life right? So, do you think you are keen for something more? Heads up, your coach is just as thirsty as the team, so if you are ready ... you'd want to be ready, you are going places my friend!

To see and feel different, we have to do different, simple as that! Even if you are yet to find your thirst's meaning or purpose, but you know inside it is there {because it never goes away}, EgoHQ is the right place for you to begin understanding and implementing the plan now!

A Brief Background ....  

Hi, I am Penelope Hall. I am thirsty for life!

Between 2015-2018 I created and ran a very successful coaching group which I aptly called ''Mastermind'', or MM for short. I discovered that people out there were just as thirsty as me to do well, get better, perform at peak and find out what the heck their life was all about.

We want to do well but sometimes we do fail or fall down because we don't have the right blocks in place or the right people helping us. Ain't that the truth!

A big mix of my own success is 100% due to meeting the right people, at the right time, yet never forgetting who I am and just how thirsty I had always been.

Functioning at ''Bring-On-My-AGame-Level'' requires  grit.

The way I look at it, is that crawling through some of life's mud  now and then is just an interactive activity. It creates an alternative pathway for us to discover more.

Yes, even the down and dirtiest mud pits of life!

So, at our MM meetings ''back in the day'' we worked on interactive experiences. We shared discussions & mindset prompters for personal + interpersonal + business growth. I was excitedly overwhelmed by people venturing through our doors looking for MORE.

We all have problems right? 

Fast forward and here we are again. What's the difference between now and back then? Well, my thirst is still here, and best of all, so is life and ... so are you! 

Technology is better and maybe the best of all .... People are better  informed too.

I am a left brained creative who LOVES technology, go figure that one! My business is automated, I know what works and what doesn't, I have a competent and brilliant team behind me ... AND I have probably learned every mistake known to the human race.

I too have felt like a failure when my life crumbled, I too didn't have the right tools to get up when I fell down, I too wasted time, I too have been seriously lost (another story for another time).

The difference from today to back then? You will have to come and see for yourself, it is a pretty unique experience from beginning to end.

Close your eyes for a moment .... put yourself at the top of your A-Game. Visualise you are there already, (not just where you want to be). Put yourself there TODAY!

Keep the visual .... you are holding that glass, it is empty .... not because you are a glass half empty kind of person BUT because you have finished that glass and YOU ARE THIRSTY ... and you are about to fill it up again, and again and again.

Come inside ... our EgoHQ, do it differently this time, quench that thirst with the right flavours, textures, sounds and tools. Quench that thirst with the right people by your side, the right skill sets in place and begin with the end in mind (think Building, Success Strategies, Legacy and definitely think Wealth)! 

Finish that half project now, get that job you always dreamed of, meet that love of your life finally and, get paid the money you know you are worth!

If the quench is satisfited, get thirsty again!

THIS is how we do it at EgoHQ!

  • What if?

  • What if we get to the end, look back and regret not trying?

    We have 12 Months planned out for you .... AND you decide what you want to work on. Not everyone will be working on the same project at one time. Our extensive ''chooose your own'' library provides diverse and relevant projects for you to work on for the needs of you, your work and/or your business. You have so much opportunity and time to focus, strategise and action ... but never limited to  any ceiling of success!

  • Understanding Ego Ownership  

  • Business Planning

  • Life Planning

  • Proper Goal Setting

  • Tapping into your Identity

  • Analysing Roadblocks & Dreams

  • Personal + Business Networking

  • Legit Connecting & Discussions

  • Leadership Skills

  • Fail & Rise with Grace

  • Conquer Not Feeling Good Enough

  • Why?

  • WHY EgoHQ?

    .... because Adelaide {and the world} has nothing like this style of life support, discussions & coaching for our top performances in life when we want to get places but are unsure how to get there. You will be listened to. You will finally set the right course. You will learn to understand the costs involved at any given moment in your life. A map to a destination is a must. Development is a consistent value and action inside EgoHQ. 

  • Why? ... because our mental health globally is in disarray.

  • Why? ... because demand for support in a modern way is screaming out.

  • Why? ... because people thrive in this environment.

  • Why? ... because interpersonal connections are important to our pure life SURVIVAL.

  • Why?... because keeping up to speed on social skills helps us pivot when we have to.

  • Why? ... because more & more of us want to understand what drives our innate fiery passions & how to find these among the noise.

  • Why? ... because we awesome at listenting to understand. We seek dreams at the highest level and help you with yours + your goals, your mindset, your quirks + life problems.

  • The Stage.

  • Líl bit of Xtra Info ... 

    Growth will not happen if we keep our heads underground and we don't plant the seeds succintly and in a position that is aligned or congruent with who we are as the individual. A masterpiece takes time to create, yet the clock stops for nobody. So, what if we don't like what we see when we are surveying a final draft? We draft more, we build again. Pivot is the new build! 

    EgoHQ will get you moving, both physically and mentally. You want success? You want to feel like you again? You want respect and direction? You want financial freedom?

    OK. Let's do it!

  • First Thursday each month

  • Dedicated private venue

  • Quality mix of people 

  • Own Project Time

  • Group Hour of Power Time  

  • Friends to Bounce Ideas Off

  • Group Networking

  • Interactive Environment

  • First Coffee / Tea included  

  • Life & Business Plan Construction

  • Game Day



*Note January Mastermind does NOT operate. Mastermind resumes February. Pre-purchased memberships will lap around this accordingly.

The EgoHQ Accessories.

  • Access to Life Coaching & Business support One-Stop-Shop

  • Access to our Member Resources Vault

  • Access to Ego Academy Member Project Library & Portal (click here for FREE registration)

  • Access to Life Strategies which work

  • Learning about Human Behaviour & How to do ''interpersonal'' more successfully

  • Opportunity for a more casual Mid Month Catch Ups

  • Life & Business Plan Creation & How to Stick to the Plan!

  • A Start up? OR .... Established already?

    An Employee? Team Member? CEO?

    Or, Just you, working on you?

    To invest deeply in oneself is not the norm, but it bloody well should be.

    So no matter your position in life ..... 

    maybe it's now time for you to ''make the time''. 

    You will thank yourself for taking this step, your family & work will too!

    I'm totally in here!

    Before you head off ....

    Covid Safety. The venue will advise safety requirements and standards. We ask you please adhere to these and respect each other's distances. Thank you.

    Should Covid restrictions return, we will resume our sessions online. Ego Academy is 100% set up for online programming educational learning. We are a fully automated business.

    To Summarise .....

    Everything at EgoHQ has been intentionally programmed for the benefit of you + your life + your career + business growth.

    You have a qualified hands on Life Coach who has built her business from the ground up prior to engaging her team. 

    Knowledgable, trained & experienced in mindset, group leadership & facilitating, technology, automation systems and platforms, + certified in Life Coaching, NLP Foundations and Masterminding. Plus a travel specialist for 30 years, creating 1000's of dreams for 1000's of real-time-true-life-dreamers-and-adventure-seekers!

    We may sometimes do it differently at Ego Academy, this is because we know that a different focus engagement will increase our productivity and results in everything we do.

    Keeping our passions and dreams alive + speaking about them often will ensure success at any or every level. You want to start doing videos for business? No problems, let's do that. You want to up your game in the love department, bring that on too! 

    From Courage to Bravery - think Yellow Brick Road!

    You'll be so glad you did!

    Much love & to your every success ..... (ps. BYO LAPTOP too)

    Penelope Hall   / Owner, Ego Academy, Australia 

    ''For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone'' ~ Audrey Hepburn

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    I would personally go the 12 month one ... Imagine the future today, just imagine!

    Close your eyes for a moment, imagine your wildest dreams coming true, now that's what we are talking about, those dreams!

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