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Welcome to Men's Den.

A super relaxed place for Men to talk openly about life in a Man's World.

Once you book your single or multiple sessions we will redirect you to the next step at checkout. When registration is complete on our Ego Academy Member platform (step 1) please head to the Man's Vault inside the portal for further details, zoom link and the information you need. It's super easy once you are inside the member area.

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A little piece of background before we begin.

During the fourth quarter of 2020 we hand picked 10 men from different parts of the globe to join us in a series of online sessions to talk about Men's Business. They helped Penelope Hall create our Men's Den. They are our complete heroes!

Concern for men's mental wellbeing has been growing over the past few years. ''I looked at the men in my life and I see great figures in their own right. I see delight and pride. I also see some other things''. Penelope x

Out there, beautiful souls are sometimes really struggling (that's the reality of it), yes both men and women, but there's just something special in men that requires some further investigation, a deeper dive. 


The guys spoke, I listened.

No courses, no written work, no hairy questions, spotlighting you or an embarrassing push to get you to open up. We don't roll like that. 

It's not like that in our circle of men, and it never will be.

We just talk. Oh! and we laugh too, honestly, it is a very . easy place to be for 1.5 hours. We decided one topic per session was enough with each man provided the opportunity to speak, but there is no obligation to either. 

We grab a topic,and you guys talk about it.

For example we have touched on topics such as these below, and can we share with you, too just how much benefit the guys are feeling from our 1.5 hour sessions. We have been told they feel lighter the next day, now that makes our hearts sing!

Pride & the Full Meaning to a Man

Friendships, Mateship & Relationships

Man Language, how Men best Communicate

What Men feel as their Greatest Pressures

How Men React to being Shut Down

The Importance of Being Listened to by loved ones

How & Why Men Love to Love, their way


Men Mentoring other Men in a gentle way

How Men Handle Anger / Stress

Men at Work in the Business World

Men & their Leisure Downtime

Single Dad's & Relationships with Children / Ex's

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Here's a brief format, again to keep it super, super easy for you.


  • 1.5 hours of online video session with other men from around the world

  • 10 men (maybe less, maybe more) during one session

  • Tuesday's 7pm Adelaide, South Australia time

  • Check your own country's timezone

  • Time may change due day light saving during seasonal months

  • 1 topic (usually) discussed each week

  • 2-3 rotating men speakers x 10 minutes each(30 min total)

  • 1 hour open discussion for all men

  • If you don't wish to be a speaker, there is no pressusre to be one, you can just listen in

  • Perhaps you have never tried talking openly about what's going on in your life, often it does not come naturally to a guy.

    Maybe the time is right now!

    Join our growing community and explore more fun and surprises! No grilling, No having ''the talk''. No Emotional Rollercoaster. 

    Just blokes / guys / fellas / men ... talking their stuff, doin' their thing! (with one girl, but she's really chilled)

    Join Men's Den Here

    What the men are saying....

    Greg, Australia 

    "Was wonderful to listen to other people’s stories and awe at how they got to where they are. What a wonderful group of people. Your topics were amazing and really made me think about who I was and my direction. Unfortunately the by-product of being an adult is losing people to talk to and bond with. Family, work and limited recreation time leaves little time for friends. Yes... would love to join in again. My New Year's resolution is to be a little kinder to myself. Cannot wait to see what direction you take. . "

    Mark, Australia

    “The Ego academy has been an interesting and positive experience for me. Something very cool about being able to share with an international/interstate group of men who are sharing similar challenges in life, facilitated by a woman (I trust -Penny) to really draw out key issues and thoughts. Well done Penny!”

    Matt, Australia

    With a father born in the 1920’s and two sons born in the 2010’s I’ve seen and read a lot of different views on what it means to be a man in this rapidly changing world of ours. Ideas and issues that can and will impact myself and my sons. Penny was a great mediator for the sessions and set the group up for success. She has a real talent for creating a safe environment and getting even the quieter men in the group to open up. As you get older it’s harder to find the time and other people (men) to explore your inner thoughts and feelings. I walked away from the sessions energised, mostly validated about how I'm feeling.

    Tosin, Czech

    "I've known Penny for many years now and when she sent out an email about EGOBOYS and her plan to run weekly sessions around all things men related... I was in immediately. She led every session superbly, without egos or labels, it was just a group of amazing men who were all vulnerable and sensitive to each other's needs. Thank you Penny, love & Light Always!"

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