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Woman's Intuition & Alter Ego Programme.

Hello, I'm Penelope Hall, your lead coach and Founder of Ego Academy.

When I named my company Ego Academy it caused quite a stir for Women. 

As with anything, I like to dive deep, so I created this course, which looks into the WHY us women perceive Ego to be a negative, rather than the inner worth of all humanity. 

Sounds rather serious I know, but here's to say once you get to know me, our community and begin our Programme, you will totally understand WHY we've done what we've done for ALL women. 

We are such gorgeously complex creatures, as are our male counterparts BUT there's something unique about each of us, regardless of gender.

This programme has been created, by me, with the help of some testing and research during 2020, and I found so much untapped when it comes to women truly feeling like we have succeeded in this crazy world! 

I hope you say YES! and join our team of women worldwide as we begin a really beneficial journey into the depths of who women are, what we want and how our Ego and Alter Ego all play a part on this roundabout we call life!

As I always say, Ego Academy is no ordinary walk in an ordinary park! Why would it be? There's so much more to discover to our untapped identity, so YES! we just go that little bit further with our discoveries.

I personally hope to see you, or can I go as far as saying WELCOME TO THE TEAM!

Love always, Penelope Hall x