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Have you forgotten what it's like

to be the real you?

Watch Module 3 of our 12-Part-Video-Mastery-Programme ...

Learn to be the Identity Master of Your life and finally DEFINE exactly who you are in this SUPER CRAZY WORLD. 

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Here's What You'll Begin to Unpack (kind of like a mini-life-audit) ......

  • 1.Your Important Personal Life Rules ... How to read yourself (your identity) fully so you feel 100% OK to be you all of the time, and to safely show what you value to the world. 

  • How to value & keep your thirst for life going, even when the curve balls seem relentless, so you don't fall down & stay down for long AND you don't let others walk all over you.

  • How to understand that complacency has no place in your life if you truly want to grow. Even if it means a pivot or creating space for some change or truly putting a value on the things that mean the world to you.

  • 2.Your Homebase Territory & Boundaries ... How to understand the importance of setting boundaries so ... yes means yes... and .... no means no

  • How to recognise your safe-zone-homebase-territory and be aware of timeout before burnout & to be at your homebase safe place before it happens.

  • How to nurture your identity & let the world know you are here to stay, even when it feels scary and unknown.

  • Train yourself from the safety of your homebase, to know when it is time to state your case  (speak up) or to compose and hold back (self preservation).

  • 3.Your Identity Growth (Scaling toward a bigger life through the richness of self awareness ) ... Learn 6 Steps on how to write or rewrite your life identity profile (similar to a dating profile, as if you are dating yourself; it's such a good way to live!)

  • Learn how to trust your identifiable instinct, so you can stop the life altering & damaging choices to then switch them to life transformational positive pivots.

  • Start with 6 Steps to scale your life so you can live bigger, better, easier and remain in full control of your identity and destiny {except for the unforseeable events, we have to keep it real, things happen}.

Hey you. I'm Penelope!

Have you ever wondered why some areas of your life don't fall into place? My own journey has been bumpy, well it used to be anyway. Have you ever felt that you are sometimes the queen of sad n' sorry? Do some of your life conversations lead toward negative chatter and you may have over time blamed others for losses and failures? I put my hands up to this, so you are definitely not alone. At the time I didn't have the right knowledge, so I lived how I lived, for way too long. Some habits are tough to break, especially when we don't realise we are actioning them. What changed for me? One day I went to a seminar. It changed my life forever. I went on and hired coach after coach and I have never, ever looked back. My thirst for knowledge got larger and larger!

So ..... Me to You > ''I want you to know what I know.'' I want you thirsty, just enough so complacency doesn't ever settle in, so you are forever feeling 'evergreen' and reusing your own skills and innate strengths over and over again .... and I want you to know how to skip the queue, like I did. Skip the queue? Yes, skip the queue so you don't keep making the same mistakes for too long. 

Signing Up for a Sneak-Peek-Module-3 of our 12-Part-Video-Mastery Programme will provide you an introduction into what it takes to find your true identity and to keep it {you} on track. This course was originally designed for women, however this process and life practice is for everyone. Why would we want to spend our lives guessing through life when we can very easily learn some valuable and proven steps from someone who has been there before us AND successfully risen up, made life a win in every possible direction! THIS is what I want for YOU! Will YOU skip the queue with me? Love, Penelope Hall xo 


''Penelope, you got me through my early months after marriage separation and gave me purpose and direction. I couldn't have done it without your support. My daughter told me that doing your programme was so good for me. I like hanging with you & your energy'' - Sharon -

''Writing on the topics suggested by Penelope in Ego Academy's Co-Writers Corner has been the most cathartic and uplifting part of my 2020 by far. Penny has communication, rapport and life skills that will give any person a lift in confidence and inspiration. She is very caring, loving and has great empathy. I can highly recommend using any of the Ego Academy services." - Narelle - 

"Penny is an incredible woman and one I’m lucky enough to call my friend. The way she works is incredibly powerful. But you must do the work. Peace. Love Smile.'' - Kye - 

PENELOPE HALL, Creator of Ego Academy ...
Personal Development Identity Recognition Online Programmes, Co-Writers Leadership Corner, EgoHQ In-Person Life, Career & Business Network Coaching and Men's Den. 

Be the Boss of your Life & Identity, Finally! 

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We respect your privacy. Your information is 100% safe with us.

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