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SwitchLife App.

Globally getting on with life!

Doers Inner Circle Weekend Away Special!

''How to create + innovate your own app (and maybe your life too) to be recognised as a diverse, game changing and sought after on-point leader''

Innovative discovery is great therapy, right?

What makes you think more about your future today than any other day?

Have you done everything you want to do with your life, career, business or family yet?

Your most precious and yes, perhaps even most WILDEST dreams, where are they sitting in the scheme of things right now? Do you know what your genius zone is? 

I know right? At SwitchLife we ask alot of questions ..... stay with us though, it will get you places! We love creative therapy, and, heads up, it may just be a different kind of therapy than you are thinking. Ready? SwitchLife app experience ..... Let's get to it! 

We're here for a good time right? That's how the saying goes...

Sometimes though it can also feel like a REALLY, really long and stressful time ....

so, we might as well get it right sometime soon hey?

Trying to keep up with the Jones's (and the whirlwind of life) without some guided knowledge, friendship + support = real time burnout!

A couple years ago I decided to create an app, because I wanted in on the real estate that was apps and I didn't want to follow what everyone else was doing with courses, portals, coaching strategies and risk getting lost in the crowd.I also wanted my community to live in their own house and to feel included in everything they do for their lives whilst engaging, connecting, having fun, learning + receiving support at the click of a button, quite literally.

Whilst what I create is about the user experience, I also ask myself what I want for my life and business moving forward. I want easier, simpler, cost effective and a good income earner. I also wanted to continue the easy going life I had already created for myself and my children.  

So I got on the tools and developed my very own app. A place for inclusion, growth, learning, fun and connection. A place where nobody gets left behind! 


'''When I began creating an app I knew it would change the way I do everything''
~ Penelope Hall ~


BUT ......

How difficult (or not) is it to build an app?

~The rewards = endless.

~The work = worth every moment. 

~The dream = stays alive.

~The innovation - keeps moving.

~The income generation - limitless


VIRTUE ....... 

What did I learn about app creation?

~I discovered a new genius zone = app tech!

~My creative flair has no boundaries.

~I speak ''app developer'' (easy-peasy!).

~Simpler process than course creation.

~I made the best business decision ever.


What user features are on SwitchLife?

~Open & private chat rooms (personal & biz)

~Directory & Market place for business.
~Direct booking links

~Mental agility challenges & games.

~E-reader library + co-writing opportunity.

~Logins to FB / YT / IG / LI / SChat/TTok.

~Link to our online education portal


How can an app help my business?

~Instant email list when users sign up.

~Your app, your rules (own it baby!).

~CSV import/export functionality.

~Affordable & less tech

~Keep your community in one place.

~Easy user notifications & realtime posts.

~Endless opportunity to showcase you.

Tip! App Host Platform (no coding).

Find the app host platform that suits your app needs, features and capabilities. Often they are located in countries like India. Learn to speak their version of your language eg. if it is English you speak, learn the words they use for app development - this will reduce frustration, emails or chat sessions. Remain open to not getting it right first time

Apps with no coding are a good place to start. Don't let the words "App Developer" scare you either!

Tip! Google Play or Apple iOS?

Apps can be published on one or both app stores. A website version of an app is an option too, usually for an extra cost from your app host platform. App Developer accounts are required to set up on both Google Play and Apple (subject to an applicable fee from each organisation at time of set up).

Visibility on both app platforms is highly recommended. Both platforms are very different to work with.

Tip! Scale your app when you are ready!

Start with the end in mind! Create a multifunction app. One that grows and scales when you are ready. Your users will tell you what they need, but only if you keep asking them. Think full ownership (not rented space) and migrate from hosted provider to your own. Eg. Google's ''Flutter'' platform. Build an app to SELL for millions!

If you want in on the big league, design an app to scale future growth and dynamic global success!

SwitchLife App.
Join us to connect, interact, learn, build or chill .... & stay ahead of the game!

Become a member to explore your own life discovery experiences and give yourself a little nudge more than perhaps you would normally. Membership is for 12 months minimum, so we have time to put some blocks into place, together.

Here to grow personally? Let's get to it OR Here for business or career diversity & building? We got you, we've done it before and have the tools to show you how!

SwitchLife's mission is to help you create your own real time life experiences by working the nuts & bolts, connecting some dots, immersing in diversity + mentoring with other members just like you, or .... who want to be like you even.

SwitchLife does what other people and business leaders are not yet doing (via a platform with less cost to you as an active user and member)

Everyone has an inner creative potential and ..... YOU can design your world inside one app ..... or why not excel at more? Do more for yourself and your own communities than you ever thought imaginable as an active member. Honestly, if we don't put into our life and diversify in today's world, we'll get left behind.

SwitchLife intentionally offers affordable membership because we want everyone to be excited about life, legacy and every available option to switch life into whatever the dream looks like for you. 

The everyday app user will soon demand all businesses have an app, if you'd like to learn how to create one, just ask. If you're intrigued as to what's inside our SwitchLife app, sign up and join our unique world behind the great wall of technology and life creation!

What is a private access chat room?

An extra level access room delivering deeper level content, expertise and first hand professional knowledge via posts, pre recorded videos or live training sessions on anything and everything you want to know, including relationships, family or interpersonal issues, business building strategies, including app creation and more. Ask any question, anytime to support and assist your own growth and future. Go all out to inspire others too! *Note Doers Inner Circle ladies will have your very own private access room*

How can we share in business growth?

Ensuring your SwitchLife membership is value rich,  where you get the most out of your first and any consecutive years with us. You have opportunity to step away from the noise and walk through new doors. Business operators can market in two ways. Expert Directory and Marketplace. As well as listing your business in the Expert Directory, promote your services and/or products on SwtichLife marketplace. Super simple + no extra cost promotion for your business (Expert membership required) with enquiries going directly to your email inbox! 1,2,3 GO!

Global peace and love making for all!

Goodness we're in a mess globally hey? I dare say it has been coming for a while and maybe (just maybe) we can learn alot from the last 2 years. A box of issues and people more than ever in need. Our mental health at times can swing on the edge. We're juggling it all! A little secret? SwitchLife is here to push a boundary or two. Disrupting narratives of where digital and physical worlds collide and observing how we humanly respond. SwitchLife was developed because inclusion + love mean everything to us. Hallejuliah for human (& digital) connection!

Option 1 Women
+ private room
(save $295)

Full 12 months app Member
+ exclusive DIC ONLY private chat room access

Option 2 Women
+ room & expert 
(save $599)

Full 12 months app Member 
+ private DIC chat room access
+ expert directory listing

Option 3 Men
+ private room 
(save $295)

Full 12 months app Member
+ MEN ONLY private chat room access (for the men in your life!)

Who is Penelope Hall, owner of SwitchLife (app) and Ego Academy (online courses)?

You might want to know who is driving all of this?

I must confess something .... 

I have this obsession with people (and dog videos!) so to have created this app, from the very beginning to where we are now for the people, has been such a magnificent ride. It also became this obsession for continued connection on a global level. We've all felt it first hand, the isolation that changed our lives, so it is my mission to stay connected globally, with you.

I've lived a BIG life! Making homes on 5 different continents and shared a richly diverse upbringing and life so far. I need to move physically. I love to exercise, to push myself and see where it takes me. I also raise my two children on my own, which I absolutely love, and whom are two of the most extraordinary young people any of us could meet. Along the way we have have been thrown some curveballs, and ..... survived. I personally do not like doing life on my own, I must do life with you! ...and, I am a bit of an adrenalin junkie! (ask me about running the bulls in Spain sometime!)

It's interesting and often breathtaking where our lives lead us to, from where we came.

Whilst I have trained and worked for many years in travel, business, corporate, then life coaching - I also put together and ran Masterminds before they were even a thing and got myself psychology qualifications plus helped alot of peple grow (oh, and grow up too!). I must say, the best takeaway for me is bringing my own experiences, vulnerabilities and successes along for the ride to now help people do the same as I have. I would say one of my best skills is the rapport I have with people in general. One thing though, is I used to trust everyone, and whilst the harder-school-of-knocks taught me to refrain from trusting at the blink of an eye, I just cannot get enough of people and our stories. The why of what we do and who we are, it intrigues me and I need it, like I need air.

I have been a business owner for 20 years, I was in the travel industry for a grand total of 32 years, helping my clients discover the beauty of our planet. Then the last 7 years I have built up a life coaching business which is my home away from home.

SwitchLife app is my baby officially launched mid 2021, and a big achievement I am super proud of. It is my way of sharing myself as me with you, along with what I know in the worlds of people and relationships + also what I have learned in the business world with growing a company from base level and scaling and automating it in the digital world.

I have excelled beyond anything I thought I was capable of doing, and I am here to share it with you, in every way I can.

You just have to ask the questions and I'll be here to answer them.

I love family (blood or not) and living an open and honest life. I am still a dreamer and my vision + enthusiasm for life has always been larger than life! On SwitchLife having fun is a must! I love to be me, just as I love you to be you!

Well, that's me (for now) ....... there's more to me than meets the eye so I hope you join us and I too can do life by your side! 

ps. I am as tenacious and resilient as they come, I love life, pushing myself, all things business, having fun and I do strive for self-freedom (which means independence is important to me). So, watch out because we have some work to do and we will make sure you get it done! 

Love, Penelope Hall x 

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If you've made it here, I want to share one more thing with you, friend to friend!

If you are new to business this would be classified as a mentoring note, or if you are an old hand to this business world like me, this may serve as a reminder.

There's been a few things that have always stuck with me and I am very thankful for, offered to me by coaches and mentors over the years, so I thought as I end this here, I would note them down for you.

One of the smartest messages that sticks with me is to start with your dream, and never let go of it. Sure, at times it may look different in shape, size and quantity even, but never let it go AND always put it above other people's dreams and making money. If you have to work elsewhere and build your dream on the side #sidehustle, so be it .... BUT remember it's the passion and purpose that bring that inner peace and eventual personal success ... and the money. If you build the right business and sell the right services and/or products, it will all fall into place. 

It does take time though, AND strategy AND consistency AND the right people who get you ..... and LOVE, always add LOVE in the mix too.

Another point that came to mind when putting this page together for all of you was to look after your mental wellbeing and work to your cognitive capacity. Place minimal on your plate at any one time. On a personal note, I live with anxiety and PTSD from certain life changing circumstances, so my business has been built around what I know I can tolerate day to day, week to week and sometimes hour to hour. The app creation, operation and online teaching therefore, suits me perfectly! Connection keeps anxiety at bay which is obviously a huge bonus! I am also a one parent family, so flexibility is super critical for me as I raise my two darling children. I have hand crafted the life and lifestyle that I wanted and it works for me. I want you to keep this in mind as you build and transition through life, or your business and your personal needs.

Life is very, very precious!

Our mental health matters. It doesn't mean any or all of it has to define us, but then again, maybe it does. It NEVER needs to however, stop us from being GREAT or from being a GAME CHANGER or ....

So, are you ready?
I sure as heck am, I promise not to write another word! Let's do this, together!

Love again, Penelope x