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SwitchLife App.

Doers Inner Circle Weekend Away Special!

''How to innovate your own app quickly & become an app developer rather effortlessly''

Innovative discovery is great therapy, right?

Your future. 

It's here, now, today!

Your most precious and yes, perhaps even most WILD dream, has come true. You are helping thousands and thousands of people with your genius.

Where will they go to reach you, to connect and discover their own genius for their own path?

We're here for a good time right? That's how the saying goes...

Sometimes though it can also feel like a REALLY, really long and stressful time .... might as well get it right sometime hey?

Trying to keep up without knowledge, friendship + support = real time burnout!

2.5 years ago I decided to create an app. I wanted in on the real estate that was apps.

I also wanted my community to live in their own house and to feel included in everything they do for their lives whilst receiving support at the click of a button, quite literally. 

So I got on the tools and developed my very own app. A place for inclusion, growth and connection. 

''When I began creating an app I knew it would change the way I do everything''
~ Penelope Hall ~


I won't lie, it does take work, but .....

~The rewards = endless.

~The work = worth every moment. 

~The dream = stays alive.

~The innovation - keeps moving.
~The income generation - no limit.


Patience is the virtue, and I got this .....

~New genius zones came to light, such as my unique creativity.
~Improved communication styles with new experts & professionals

~A totally new app developer language & appreciation for tech.

~Lessons, bumps and wins along the way.

~That I can do this!

App Host Platform (no coding).
Find the app host platform that suits your app needs, features and capabilities. Often they are located in countries like India. Learn to speak their version of your language eg. if it is English you speak, learn the words they use for app development - this will reduce frustration and endless emails or chat sessions.

Apps with no coding are a good place to start!

Google Play or Apple iOS?
Apps can be published on one or both app stores. A website version of an app is an option too, usually for an extra cost from your app host platform. App Developer accounts are required to set up on both Google Play and Apple (subject to an applicable fee from each organisation at time of set up).

Visibility on both app platforms is a good idea!

Scaling your app!
Start at the beginning, beta test on the hosted platform app with friends and family first. Digest feedback seriously with what each user is wanting from the app. Options to migrate the app to an upgraded (your own) platform such as Google's ''Flutter'' are available, however these require an app developer for coding.

Design an app to scale for future growth potential and dynamic success!

My premium designs

I'm proud of my designs and all the customers they help. From the majestic tiger to the zany zebra.

Perfect for all stores

Doesn't matter what you're selling, my designs work for any store selling custom products.

Seamless and easy

Choosing a pattern can be hard. To help you out I've made the designs stand out with distinction.

Fast delivery of your digital files

Receive your newly purchased files instantly.

No delay and unlimited access.

Secure payments

Certified partners and data protection for the best experience. 100% safe and secure.

Helpful after-sales support

Any questions? Feel free to send me an email and I'll get you sorted. I'm here to help.


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