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A LifeSwitch at 50+

Getting back into a relationship at around 50 isn't what it used to be, YET .... we can still work up a fun sweat in the process!

Meet Penelope....your quirky, tenacious & SwitchLife coach

We are at that age, oh yes we are! We are transitioning and there is definite shift in our physical and mental state.

The physical ... restless sleep, shape changes, sweats, wobbly bits and less hard bits too. Then the mental state switch .... it's a numbers game from here on (but is it actually?).

Let's reminisce ..... remember that first eye contact and physical inperson attraction? Remember how your body responded? This kind of introduction doesn't seem as prevalent as it used to be, so how can we make it work for our generation in today's world?

We can't travel back in time, so how do we juglge old with new? Is it now only about companionship or can we actually have it all?

The beauty of who we are today, is yes, times have changed .... BUT gloriously in all of this, {fingers crossed}, we are wiser. Relationships come with successes and fails. Online dating means repeating parts of your story over and over. ''Swipe n' Match'' can cause terrifying physical responses.

Wait though, it can also be rewarding ... BUT.. hold that thought, a switched mindset is needed. Almost a blank slate state, before we head in!

My last attempt was pretty stress free. I set a goal to not fall in love. I was business-like in my casual demeanour and well, it worked. I had no intention of meeting Mr Right. I switched my approach. It was the best move ever! Men, you'd be very proud of me! Ladies, i'll share my secrets!

Hi, I am Penelope Hall, owner of SwitchLife (app) and Ego Academy (online courses). I am a professional life coach, I have lived on 5 different continents, have been married and lived defacto. I am a mid 50's and live with my teen kids. It's time to get on the dating horse again, and I want you to join me. Giddy up! 

Would you like to know how I managed to date 3 or 4 guys at once (I know right!) without complication or deep feelings getting in the way? After talking to around 50 men about dating and relationships I discovered some home truths. I have both sides of the coin to share with you.

Online dating is like a dance, sometimes we jive and jiggle, other times we tango. During our sessions, I will also share key points ... all because I plucked up the courage to ask the men what I was doing (in their eyes) right or wrong. Dating at our age cannot be compared to how we used to do it. Our identity landscape is different. We just have to switch! 

During our sessions we will touch on dating sites, photos, vetting, s+x and conversations. We will highlight the importance of zero expectations, because it's not just about dating, it's about blending the past with the present, and creating a tasty relationship recipe for the future.

Mars and Venus are 74.4 million miles apart! We've known this for a while now. Our aim is to show you why some distance is OK. To help you connect through the differences and vast communication styles. 

I have swiped some good people in my time. Some were ridiculously aligned and savagely intelligent and others were crazy stupidly perfect in so many ways, but ... it stopped there. I will share with you why I didn't take them to my ''Mr Right'' she-den.

The takeaway for me has been the fun and learning more about myself - the focus is always on me!  No attachments, no expectations and no harsh judgments (well, not public ones anyway). We are allowed to have private thoughts afterall.

A male buddy once shared with me valuable lessons on how NOT to go in too deep too soon. He was my lover at the time, and yes we met online. I've carried his lessons with me, and I love that he's still my mate today.

Women are emotional creatures. We feel fast. We have a {long} tick box which can be our downfall. We are picky! .... yet we are soft too. 

Men too, have criteria. Much of the time it isn't what us women think it might be either. Men look for deep connections too, but in a different way. Men need time for vulnerability and not to be pressured. 

You wait until you join us, you are about to have the ride of your life - Men you better get ready to learn about us girls, and ladies, roughen your edges because the guys will have things to tell you!

At our age we know more about what we don't want. This is a positive, but it can also be a hindrance.  Our bodies are changing, we have pasts, YET we also have the choice to be strong in mind! So there is every chance we can have it all! Even if your all means being on your own too. We are better (with age!) .... oh, and just between us, we are definitley sexier!


How to confidently date online without too much pain and frustration!

(Whether you’re looking for love, a friend with benefits or platonic friendship)

Do you ever ask yourself ....

What am I looking for?

What will other people say?

Can I perform?

Who will want me?

My life is busy?

Will my kids think it’s ok to date?

Can I live with someone again?

Will they get on with my friends?

and more...

Or do you wonder ….

Do you wonder what it really takes to win a heart?

Is it possible to love again?

Is it the same?

Can we get over past hurts?

Will my body be judged?

Can we forgive and forget?

What benchmarks do we set?

What if I become triggered?

How do we get past our preconceived ideas of what men seem to want and

what women seem to demand?

and more...

When you join us you will share unique opportunity to listen and talk about our age group insights into online and offline dating, relationships, conversation navigation and human behaviour.

If you are serious about your own life and learning what others think about and find attractive and sexy, or potentially meeting someone, even learning more about you, or refining an existing dating experience .... you will want to join us.

We want the men who join us to be at ease with opening up and sharing just how much a man's pride means to you + the fact you sometimes need more time to provide your answer .... AND women we want you to tell the men your version of how you like to feel like a queen + what you want + exactly how to make you happy! 

GET EXCITED, WE WILL HAVE SO MUCH ''MATURE'' (read between the lines here) FUN TO BE HAD!

Just think too, we have no biological clock ticking, we are this perfect age to really get to know who we are as individuals AND as a collective age group of men and women really enjoying life.

(Hey, if you are mid 40's and read this, you too are welcome, we are all inclusive at SwitchLife and Ego Academy, we are trying to reach people who feel like they are at an ''older dating age'').

We will discuss topics such as these :

  • The most common sites and varying conversations.

  • Asking the right questions to get the answers you seek.

  • What turns you off and what definitely turns you on.

  • How to lead the vetting calmly and in a non pushy way.

  • How to get past ghosting (because it will happen).

  • How to switch the mindset on love, companionship, strong emotions and rejection.

  • How to ask for and deliver to the recipeint what you want without a frustrating guessing game.

  • How to have fun without getting too serious and understanding each other's innate languages {body, love, quirks} 

  • When and where to meet up and what to wear.

  • How to ask ''shall we see each other again?'' OR how to let them know ''it's just not working''.

  • How to discuss intimacy and actually getting on with it.

Our Online Dating Course Session Dates.

Session #1 Online

Ready to join our innaugral 2022 session?

April/May, each Thursday, 7-9pm, 5 weeks
April 21, 28 / May 5, 12, 19
(don't miss this one, limited spaces!)

Session #2 Online

Join our mid year 2022 session.

June/July, each Thursday, 7-9pm 5 weeks
June 16, 23, 30 / July 7, 14
(don't miss this one, limited spaces!)

Session #3 Inperson

In person 2022 date to be advised
Save your spot and join the waitlist for our live course in Adelaide (subject to change due to any restrictions at the time)

Lighten up princesses ....
(yes, men and women)
it's time for some dynamic dating fun!

Ladies & gents we have so much to live for at 50 plus!

    Session #1 Live Online

  • 5 weekly x 2 hour live sessions
    * hot seat time + group discussion

  • Student portal access + 1 FREE course

  • After session resources + app support

  • Insights from same and opposite gender, plus maybe the odd challenge or two!



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    Session #2 Live Online

  • 5 weekly x 2 hour live sessions
    *hot seat time + group discussion

  • Student portal access + 1 FREE course

  • After session resources + app support

  • Insights from same and opposite gender, plus maybe the odd challenge or two!



Join our foundation course price!

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    Session #3 In Person

  • 5 weekly x 2 hour face to face sessions

  • Same discussions as Sessions #1 and #2

  • Live profile creation (byo laptop/device)

  • Live practise dating conversations, body language and coffee catch up training



Join our foundation course price!

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