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The Woman's Líl Identity Fix Kit.

How do we regroup our lives without it feeling like we've done it all before, too many times?

 My very own personal and crucial first steps from rockbottom to lightbulb moments of success than previous attempts. 

I will highlight just how women perceive Ego and how we can break it down so we don't feel intimidated by it. 


Because time does run out to really lead the life we truly want for total fulfillment, prosperity, financial security and spark!

Maybe you agree, as we age some kind of retention and maintenance is really important for our survival and no matter if you are in your 20's still, we all have similar life needs.

I am early 50's and it's not over, far from it. I begun seeing and feeling results within myself when I made these small changes which took less time than before. 

These tips are for those of us who have a bit of mileage on us now YET even my own teenagers are benefitting from implementing some of these tools as well as women in their 20's and 30's. 


Because life is about Interpersonal Relations, and these relations are person to person, regardless of age!

Never be in a rut again.

  • You've ticked these things off ... at least one relationship, kids, a career, maybe started a business, bits n'pieces of travel, some gorgeous and good friends.

  • Fast forward, you've now become frustrated, menopausal, moody (feeling crazy now and then?) but something is missing and you're unsure what. 

  • Your're not needy, but sometimes you feel you might be,  you add value to your world but crave more, a complacent kind of feeling has crept in, where from you're unsure.

  • Women are complicated. Come on lovely, you know we are! We overthink, analyse, compare, we do ''fine'' way too well, and bring our baggage along with us, even when we think we haven't. 

    We hurt, we cry, we move on. We repeat same same!

    Flip the coin and we are strong, resilient, fun, fast, slow, nurturing and can slay some pretty good goals and churn out some hefty results when we want to! 


    Then, what's our problem? At mid age, what finds us lost, desperately seeking something, that we think we know, yet we don't really. Sometimes we want this, sometimes we don't. Yes means yes, but sometimes it means no.

    We have these push pull and imaginations that run wild with how our life should have been, because that's the princess in us saying so. Then, it gets better, then doesn't , and well ..... we are left feeling, not much at all actually. BUT ... we still want MORE!

    AND .... M O R E .... is what YOU will have! 

    Grab your free copy & never be in a rut again!

    Stop just living a life that is just ''fine'' and start living one that is incredibly royal!

    What They Say ...... 

    I love your energy Penny, that's why I love hanging out with you.SHARON, Ego Academy Student 

    What They Say .... 

    'Who would have thought changing my sheets alongside my Ego would change my life! I learned that Ego for a woman means more than just needing a boost or being broad shouldered, thank you Penelope, your're the real deal.CATHERINE, Ego Academy Private Client

    We simply cannot do this thing called life alone. Women are creatures of social networks!

    Love, Penelope Hall x

    Whether you are a woman who has run a few life rodeos or a woman who finds yourself interested in something new, perhaps together we can explore and even ask .... the questions now, are we REALLY from Mars and what really goes on behind the curtains in a woman's life?