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Women's Year of Our Conscious Walk Training

A Life of Intuitive Determination & Alter Ego Disruption!

Speaking of disruption .... the mobile view of our page here is having a glitch ... can you head to a PC? Our tech team is working on the fix the issue .... Thank you for your patience .... Penelope & WIAE Team x

Let's Continue .... we are afterall, here for YOU to get to the BEST of YOU, the quickest way possible right?

Sometimes our life has been lived by impulses instead of feelings.

Impulses send waves of shock right into the middle of our epicentre and we begin to tell ourselves our dreams don't need to be reached anymore.

Feelings are our protectors and don't like being suppressed.

Our feelings are run by the the heart & something our logical mind does not always understand.

Our heart is also our intuition, our gut feel and if listened to will guide us in making wise decisions.

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You may not know who we are, who I am.

So, let's start at the beginning.

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2. Book a Quick Chat Call by Clicking the call button which will take you to our personal calendar to choose your day and time. Your coach is a talker, that would be me, Penelope Hall, so let's have a quick chat and get to know one another, if this is what you prefer. 

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I'm Penelope Your Trainer

I forgot to be heartcentred many times in my life. Which means I forgot to put myself first. This caused me to burnout, breakdown.

It wasn't until a hefty life catalyst (the breakdown) did I wake up to knowing what it is I don't want anymore

I'm an energetic person who is a parent to two gorgeous girls. I am naturally inquisitive and completely in awe of human behaviour and the psychology of which we run from. 

A trained & certified Life Coach for 6 years, running a Mastermind for 3 years, wrote & moderated live events for teenagers/adults, teamed with a career in travel for 30 years, I help make dreams come true in more ways than one! .... it is a pleasure to meet you. With all my failings, mistakes, embarrassing moments, life lessons and (now) wisdom. I firmly believe it is my calling to share with you my own life changing & successful strategies + tools ... and YES! .... even when your logical mind says NO! we can find a way out, and in again.

We can be stay at home mum's or on our way up the corporate ladder or a student learning a trade. At the end of the day, we are all women and there's unique qualities for us to celebrate. The commonality we all share is that we were given (blessed) by our makers to be women. We DO have this intuition and it is a GIFT.

Yet with all our intuition and intelligence, sometimes we forget to communicate to ourselves which leads to an overcompensation in our actions. We set our radars to autopilot, and that's when life has the potential to collapses around us even before we actually notice.  

Credit and kudos to all of us, and our women sisters for recognising we may benefit from some additional knowledge, and different ways of sorting through the clutter. We do not have to be perfect!

Ps. The more evolved and self aware the more consistent and DETERMINED we become as a support for those we love, starting with ourselves!

What you will learn in our Woman's Intuition & Alter Ego Programme

  • How to build your 6 Figure Intuitive Life Plan

  • Kind of like putting together a business plan or a travel itinerary, we reserach first, discover the costs involved, set your map locator to homebase and then together we work out which destination is yours to follow

  • Understanding the Woman's Ego Ownership

  • Ego for Women can be tricky navigation. Here at the Ego Academy we embrace a new realm of Ego especially for women. Identity is Ego and Ego is Self Worth. So for a woman the Ego requires special attention at all times, especially as we mainly come from the heart.

  • Scale your Life's Timeline via Rituals

  • What are rituals? Well, we will dig rather deep to discover what rituals mean to a woman and how we can use these to rediscover, uncover and recover from life experiences such as love, loss, grief, creativity, sexy time, corporate lifestyle, parenting and much more. We will also learn what not to overcompensate as we roll over into a renewed understanding.

  • Why Determination isn't Enough for Success

  • We believe determination will only get us so far in life.

    We challenge determination to make some new friends. Creating a plan for you using our proven strategy that

    feeds direclty into your lifestyle management

  • Unleashing Natural Bends in your Superpower

  • When we began our own journey, Superpowers were a feature. The people called for MORE so SuperPowers remain and this is where we dive deep to discover what yours truly are and how you can use them to have any type of life, love,

    intimacy, business and personal success you desire and why you, as a woman, need it. 

  • How to Score 10/10 for all Relationships

  • Whether you are looking or waiting for your ONE, or you already have met this ONE, OR in conflict with ONE we teach conversation styles for every day communication & perfect conflict resolution. These are laced with timed word-for-word suggestions to try out in your every day life.

Who Should Attend this Powerful & Edgy Woman's Course?

To begin with, it's not just a course, a programme, or a walk in the same old park! Oh, and, heads up gorgeous, I personally don't settle until I get what I want, which means I have your back at all times!

Here at the Ego Academy we flip life around, not much stays the same. So if you have experienced any of these below at one time or another then YES let's get you on the team!

Anxiety & overwhelm, depression, fixed anticipation, dizziness with excitement, love, suppression, fun & laughter, life connection or disconnection, abuse, a relationship or two, work differences, loss & grief, PTSD, family shenanigans. FOMO (let's get real here, FOMO is a thing!) ... and that pretty much covers alot of us!

At the Ego Academy we ONLY DO INCLUSION. No matter what your life has delivered, this WOMAN'S MASTERMIND STYLE course will DAZZLE YOU! YES .... this is BIG .... AND I personally GUARANTEE you will walk away DETERMINED with a new focus. 

Love & respect ... Penelope Hall, Coach x

Ps. So have a think if you truly know in your heart it's time to make a difference to your life now, even if it is seriously your time to begin creating a legacy for you to leave behind, to be remembered for.

Investing in ourselves is not the ''norm'' although it really should be.

Here's a few prompts for you, if you are feeling or experiencing these sensations or times in your life right now, our course is perfect for you!

  • A little lost and directionless?

  • Experienced some trauma you can't shake?

  • Heartbreak which still feels like heartache?

  • The loss of someone dear through death or a breakup?

  • Difficulty in solidifying life decisions and don't know what else is out there to make the decision on?

  • Not really liking yourself right now?

  • Living your life through other people's expectations?

  • Haven't quite attained the dream job you hoped for?

  • Trying to find the love of your life.... still?

  • Searching for clarity but keep getting distracted?

  • Happy but something is missing?

  • A better procrastinator than not?

  • Have that vision to create a business dream / or life ream but don't know how to implement it, or even where to begin?

  • Finances could do with a nudge?

  • It's time for change, but what could that change look like?

  • Bored or a little lonely or not sure what you are good at anymore?

  • Struggling to find your life niche and/or true friendships?

  • Maybe feelings of dependency and you would really like some of your power back?

  • YES! PUT ME ON THE TEAM! (No need for a phone call first)

    Key Programme Takeaways

    What made my own recovery a speedier one was that I worked with someone who had been there before, someone who really resonated with me and how I like to learn. I am a visual learner so I understand the importance of looking and knowing if anything is the right fit for me.

    I believe we are all born equal of course, but as we grow, mature and begin choosing independently we begin to differ and our needs, even our basic human ones, start to waiver in different directions.

    What may work for you may not (a good chance it won't) work for me and vice versa. I'm a visual yet you may be more auditory or kinaesthetic (touchy feely). 

    What I am trying to highlight is our programmes will always bring so many takeaways be they in your own learning and comprehension style OR another which you can begin to grasp, even own one day too.

    Our Key Takeaways will be different, change nothing and nothing changes right? So, when we are creating a MASTERPIECE, aka YOU, we need to take time, to chisel the right components, balance the right textures and end with the perfect final touches.

    Here's what I mean, and here's what your initial takeaways from a course level, a module level will be. BUT let me tell you more than this, and from every inch of my heart .....

    YOUR key TAKEAWAY will only be what you put into this.

    You don't understand something we deliver, you just ask and we will support you. My own success wasn't just because I went to one seminar, wrote a few tips down in a notepad .... I wanted what I wanted!

    I wanted my life to be BETTER THAN IT WAS.

    So I went for it and I GOT IT.

    I don't give up. Ever.

    Get to know me, our team, and you too will develop this kind of ....


    Personal Analysis

    Peeling back a few layers, not all, just to see who is under there before we begin our work together.

    Lifestyle Planning

    A detailed list of lifestyle activities to build on whilst designing the complete YOU picture.

    Programme Keywords

    Our inner Academy language of resolution, rectification, clarity & always Strong & Sexy!

    Personal Ego Positioning

    Understanding the human Ego and the roleplay it brings to a Woman.

    Internal Partnerships

    Woman's human identity  essential partnership hookups.

    Compensation Resolve

    Resolving the over compensation autopilot of regret and grief.

    ''You got me through my early months after marriage separation and gave me purpose and direction. I couldn't have done it without your support. My daughter told me that doing your programme was so good for me. I like hanging with you & your energy''

    Sharon - Ego Acadamy & Co-Writer Academy Student

    This awesome lady is so caring, understanding, non-judgemental and she is always there for me when I need her.If you need help with self-love, confidence, taking that first step in business, love or whatever, Penny can help. You won't regret it....I haven't!

    Donna - Ego Academy & Mastermind Student

    I wrote on the topic 'Resistance ' for the month of September. I found it a lovely opportunity for me to get back into my writing mode and good for some personal growth. I like to put my hand up for new experiences

    Aimee - Co-Writer Academy Student

    Super Easy Next Steps.

      Step 1

    Register / Make Payment / Check Email

    Step 2 

    Join our Facebook Community / Join Ego Academy Member Portal

    Step 3

    Keep checking your inbox for more information / Begin Countdown to Course Start!

    Step 4

    A Mastermind Style Course for Women worldwide will begin, and you will be on the team!

    Round #1 begins March 2021 / Round #2 begins late 2021

    JOIN US NOW ....

    Option 1 - DESIGNER EGO $2,997 per person

    Option 2 - ALTER EGO $4,997 for 2 people

    Bring a Friend save $500 per person



    Programme Inclusions ...... how we do life @ Ego Academy: 


    • Each module is broken into lessons. Each lesson has either a video, audio or PDF for you to download and work on. 

      You have 7 days between each module and a live call in the middle of this to talk about the lessons and to ask questions, or just listen to other women talk about their experiences and offer their wisdom and life lessons.


    • For true and realtime results and a quick A-game to our E-game, we will be connecting regularly, once a week. Live! The links will be provided to you inside our Ego Academy platform. PLUS; are you in business? Opportunity for virtual Boardroom Table sessions where you can pick my business brain, 30 years experience!


    • A secure Facebook group at this time is a super easy way for us to connect before the programme begins and during + afterwards for support and connection. This will be advised to you upon sign up.

    • AUD$50 GOES DIRECTLY TO A CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE ... *more info on sign up on how it works

    • We are BIG on inclusion at the Ego Academy and would like you to be able to share your love to your favourite charity. So once you sign up, you let us know and we will donate on your behalf. It feels that good! 

    • RECREATIONAL INCLUSIONS & ALLOWABLES DURING COURSE TIME .... *more info upon sign up on how it works

    • Inside our Ego Academy programmes yes! we like to learn BUT we also like to have fun and let our hair down, in a girl kind of way! This speeds our progress along as humans. So, we include date night, formal dress ups, mocktail/cocktail time, sexy time, exercise streaks, freestyle lifestyle .... and life INVESTMENT INVENTORY! 

      PLUS.... if you are with us for the long haul (a 6 Month Programme), you will receive a photoshoot in your own city / country at the end of YOUR time with us! 

    • 24/7 EGO ACADEMY MEMBERSHIP ACCESS  + Your own Membership ID Card

    • As soon as you say YES to our programme you have will have access to our portal +you will be allocated an Ego Membership number which is used for giveaways & lots of specials. Your ID Card will be sent to you in the mail too.


    • You will Learn how to trust your emotional response time & keep it in check

    • The benefit of this tool is purely interpersonal. Someone says something you don't like, you will be able to mange your own reactions and play your ''alter ego card'' at any given moment. What's Alter Ego? We will learn more during our time together.

    • You will learn a new language to use during time of conflict, unease & anxiousness

    • I don't think any of us are immune to sour words, angry outbursts or family / friendship / work differences. Learning the language of  a conflict resolution without anger, resentment or defensiveness is music to our ears! AND ... is a treasure you will surely thank us for once you are on the path to speaking this language as second nature.

    • You will learn how to use your own Tools of the Trade and Understand how to Give your mind a well earned Holiday!

    • One of my favourite Modules! Our mind is a POWERHOUSE, it runs our lives! How about we give your mind time out BEFORE coming face to face with burnout? We show you a unique technique which stimulates a direct feed to your mind into thinking it is on holiday!

      Even if your logical brain is saying yes I am in control we will help you understand the benefits of using your other physical features to focus on and ... Your mind will thank you for the holiday!

    • You will learn differences between genders and why some relationships/friendships are disrupted & stay disrupted unless understood

    • Us humans are a complex bunch and at times we just do NOT understand one another. We will begin to show you some of the why and how of this. Some scripts will be provided and we will also role play.

    • Heartbreak, grief and moving on. We will help you initiate new skills to climb your emotional hurdles

    • We believe there is no real timeframe to get over loss. These are the most sensitive times and not to be rushed. We dive in deep here, we talk about death, breakups, darkest thoughts and many of life's difficult key topics. We've either seen it, lived it or survived it!

    • Be you a Corporate Climber, a Stay at Home Parent/Carer or A Blue Collar Worker .... even if you are a Princess .... 

    • Our course is for YOU, whoever you are.

      Women generally get other women and this has alot to do with our Intuition and our Alter Ego. Our Alter ego is our friend, and we will show you why. Even our straight up Ego is our ally. When it comes to our periods, sexual shenanigans, secrets, health concerns, besties and fun, we just do it well.

    Not quite decided?

    If you are still unsure about our programme or who Penelope Hall is ....

    Before you head off and if you are yet to decide whether our programme is a good fit for you or otherwise, just to let you know, our Membership Portal is FREE to join, regardless if you sign up to a programme. We have other programmes on offer for Men, Women, Teenagers & Trans Gender. 

    Please head to www.members.egoacademy.online where you can join and have a look around our portal, there is so much on there.

    I can place infront of you words and photos to join us but at the end of the day, to create everlasting change you, me and the person next door truly need to be READY for this.

    Our Woman's Intuition & Alter Ego Programme isn't for the feint hearted or excuse makers because I do ask alot of you. After running Masterminds, Events & Creating so much change for so many people, I am not stopping here!  I have written to the best of my ability + experience, to suit varied learning styles and all the colourful differences we share as individuals. If I don't get it right, please let me know and we will alter a beat if we need to.

    This may have touched somewhere in your heart, head or gut that says YES! let's do this and ACHIEVE SUCCESS, FINALLY! 

    Side note; My life has been a sliding door effect, and that is because I am generally not scared to give anything a go. More to the point, I may be scared, but I do it anyway. I LOVE physical challenges and in latter years I LOVE the mental ones too. I am very driven and love a good laugh and am not afraid to cry and show my emotions. I am very open, quite laid back BUT I have very strong LIFE VALUES and determination.

    I have seen some painful times along the way like abuse, facing homelessness & heartbreak. I am strong, independent, fiercely adept to what life offers, we HAVE to survive! One of my own SuperPowers is Adaptability, and this is something that always comes out to play during any programme I write and when we spend valuable time together, you and me. 

    It would be an honour for you to join our Women's Intuition & Alter Ego Programme. I have never given up on myself, and this only flows over to you as well like that ripple effect. Giving up is never an option in our camp!

    My friends and family call me the strongest woman they know, so I'd love to help you to also have this LIFE QUALIFICATION & TITLE. 

    All my love, Penelope Hall x

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